Credit Card Processing

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Credit Card Processing Equipment

Dual Comm Terminals
Dual Comm Terminals pack all the features and functions you would want in a single, stand-alone terminal. These terminals use a standard phone line or an internet connection. For internet processing, simply connect the terminal up to your router, cable modem or DSL line and complete transactions in mere seconds.
First Date FD300Ti Dual Comm Terminal
Mobile/Wireless Terminals
Accepting payments on the go is now fast, convenient, and secure. Wireless credit card processing technology can increase sales, save time, reduce operating expenses and offer new flexibility and opportunities for all merchants, especially those whose business takes them outside the traditional retail environment.
Verifone VX670 Wireless Terminal
Dial-up Terminals
Many countertop credit card machines still communicate via analog phone lines. It is a secure way to process transactions and the machines simply dial a toll free number for authorizations. Dial-up terminals do not require an internet connection and are often the most affordable option.
Verifone VX510 Dial Up Terminal
Smartphone Solutions
Now you can transform your IPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Smart Phone into a mobile credit card processing terminal You can begin accepting credit and debit card payments wherever you go. Skynet's integrated hardware and software solutions make payment processing on the go a breeze.
E-Commerce Solutions
The Skynet Global Gateway eCommerce solution can help you easily accept payments online. Our Global Gateway can be accessed through three solutions: Virtual Terminal, Web Service API, or Connect. There is simply no better way to accept payment online.
Check Acceptance
Despite the ongoing move to electronic forms of payment, forty percent of consumers still pay for in-store purchases with a paper check at least once a week. Further, eight percent of payments at the retail point of sale are made with checks – and that’s business no one wants to turn away, especially grocers and other merchants whose customers expect to have their checks accepted.
First Data FD200Ti
PIN Pads
Skynet offers the most advanced PIN Pads on the market. Our PIN Pads support PIN-based debit transactions, traditional card swipes and contactless tap-and-go transactions, allowing merchants to offer their customers the full range of cardholder-initiated payment technologies. With these advanced PIN pads customers can safely and easily initiate and process their own transaction. They remain in control of their card as they complete their purchase.
First Data FD30 PIN pad
POS Systems
Skynet offers fully integrated POS solutions that help simplify your payment processing needs. We offer PC-based terminal solutions designed specifically for the restaurant and retail markets. This combination of personal computer, inventory management software and payment processing system was designed to replace a cash register. Skynet Retail and Restaurant Solutions help you manage inventory, track sales, control costs, improve customer service and better guide business decisions.
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